Open for visitors

The Ideeklaas Hiiumaa Studio, located at Heltermaa Road 6 in Kärdla, Hiiumaa. KlaasiPank (Glass Bank) is situated within the premises of a former bank building. It is wheelchair accessible. The studio is open to all enthusiasts and offers the opportunity to observe the making of glass beads on a torch, participate in workshops, and acquire smaller glass art pieces – glass beads, jewelry, small glass coasters, miniature stained glass, as well as place custom orders. We are here to assist with any glass-related inquiries.

K - R 11.00 - 17.00
L        11.00 - 15.00


As a visitor, you can try your hand at glass cutting, glass melting, and crafting glass beads on a torch. For enthusiasts, we organize paid workshops with pre-registration, where you can learn to make glass beads or stained glass pieces. We introduce glass cutting and glass fusing techniques as well.

If needed, we also provide assistance with window glass and offer solutions or mediate solutions for various glass-related issues. With support from Hiiumaa Cooperation Network and PRIA, we acquired the necessary machinery for KlaasiPank, including torches, a bead annealing kiln, a glass painting kiln, and a large glass fusing kiln. Visit us at www.facebook.com/klaasipank.

Our contacts

Phone KlaasiPangas -+372 58837820
Kalli Sein +372 5032246
Valev Sein +372 5296580 (vitraaž, valgustid)


Kalli Sein
Glass artist, design

Valev Sein
Painting, stained glass window , lighting

Valev Seina paintings