Recycling project "Ehe~Tarbeklaas"

"EHE~TARBEKLAAS" is a creative project for recycling glass within the framework of Idea Glass. In this project, we utilize glass material from the historical Tarbeklaas factory and its predecessors.

Glass is a material that can be endlessly recycled with minimal loss. It can be melted, boiled, and molded repeatedly. The glass factories that operated in the former Estonian territories (Lorup, Meleski, Tarbeklaas, and many small workshops) primarily used locally sourced pure sand as raw material. The most renowned sand deposit was located in Piusa, yet white glass sand can be found elsewhere beneath our land. Glass sand constitutes 60% of the composition of glass, making recycling glass produced here a means to enhance both our Estonian resources and the heritage of our glass factories. Through the recreated items, we not only showcase the original source but also introduce the history of the objects and their creators.

The "EHE~TARBEKLAAS" series of products can be purchased from our online store. Gradually, we also present glass recycling and handling on our blog.

To create "EHE~TARBEKLAAS" products, we accept broken or unused glass material from Estonian factories, preferably colored glass. In return for donations, we offer some products (such as jewelry, mini-bottles, Christmas ornaments, etc., based on the sender's choice) made from the items they provide or, if preferred, from other equivalent materials.

Please refrain from offering jars and bottles, as these are made from very sturdy glass and are challenging to recycle. If you are interested in sending something, you can dispatch them to any parcel locker in Kärdla, Hiiumaa (DPD Kärdla Selver, Smart Kärdla Selver, Omniva Tormi Konsumi; Kalli Sein - 5032246). It's recommended to get in touch via email or the contact form beforehand to ensure smooth communication.