EHE ~ Tarbeklaas Series

The Ehe ~ Tarbeklaas series products are made from various vintage Tarbeklaas factory items. Preserved Tarbeklaas vases and dishes are highly valued, and often, when an item breaks, it's unfortunate to discard it. We offer the opportunity to send us fragments or broken pieces, and in return, the donor receives some jewelry or Christmas ornaments made from their vase or bowl as a token of appreciation for the donation. The remaining materials used to create these items are visible here. Tarbeklaas was largely crafted from domestic materials at the time – Piusa glass sand. Glass, as a material, is endlessly recyclable and meltable, allowing us to give new life to Tarbeklaas items and transform beloved domestic objects into wearable adornments.

When fragments are fused together in an 800-degree torch flame, each piece of jewelry becomes unique, carrying its own character and reflections. Additionally, the colors of Tarbeklaas' colorful vases largely depend on the section of the vase from which the glass shard originates. Some parts remain lighter, while others are darker. Jewelry made from Tarbeklaas "Night Shadows" can each have distinct colors based on the specific color patch of the shard.

In the case of thicker unique works such as vases and bowls, a thin layer of colored glass covers the clear glass base, resulting in a striped appearance in the jewelry. It's possible to order jewelry in colors that match your preferences from the existing materials. If someone sends a broken item but wishes for a piece of jewelry in a different shade of Tarbeklaas glass, that can also be arranged by mutual agreement.